Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell me where you got yours,

Someone get me this shirt :)
Christmas is right around the corner, Super Lovers DJ Merry Tee (don't know if anyone will catch the Gwen Stefani title pun haha).

Even though I just went shopping in Soho, I still wanna buy more, online shopping is where it is at homie. I'm also about to go to Georgetown moneyless, sucks big time I don't really mind, I'm excited to go to this Tea House in DC that should be fun.

Someone should also get me an Audrey Kawasaki Print. Like I said, Christmas. I also want to get some oil paint and wood pieces, because I love the way oil paint takes to wood. I really want to start painting soon. I'll be sure to post my work when I start up again.


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