Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Dick Disaster

Sex isn't really my thing, for I am a virgin. So naturally, with my 16 birthday within 13 days from today, pressure is fierce! I mean, I'm not one to niggle with such matters, but with boredom ruling my life now more than ever, why not play a little game? 13 days, 2 weekends, and hopefully some penis action. w00tw00t

Understand I do not believe sex as something I must do to be a man, or some gay shit like that. I don't even put sex at that high an importance. Why should sex the first time be different from the second time? I have a penis, theres no physical differentiation. I have never been one to cling to the past and think of the "First Time". I have forgotten what my first day in India was like, and don't much care for it. I live in India now and I've had plenty of days more memorable than my first.

So who are the candidates? I'm new student at the American International School of Chennai, so pink taco's are limited, though a cornucopia of choices. It's an international school, so variety is a given. I have my eyes set on a special person who I think has their eyes on me. Mmm who knows what the fuck I'm going to be talking about tomorrow. I realize now how awkward this may be, seeing as readers are solely based of my closest friends. Don't confuse me with a man whore. I'm just bored, and drugs are dumb :)
Plus I was "Always the most sexually frustrated in the group"

P.S. Sorry Rebecca, but I'm pretty sure I might be Bisexual too. Jesus gonna beat me up.

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Micah said...

Interesting game you are playing here....

And I knew I had some kind of effect on you lolz