Friday, September 12, 2008

Wristcutters: A Love Story

(It's a movie.
These people heave the weirdest names, the only one I remember is Zia.)

Basically this guy:

Gets dumped by this skank (just in the movie I'm sure she's great):

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and so he commits suicide by cutting his wrists.
Anyone who commits suicide for whatever reason, goes to this deserty, trashy-looking, afterlife.
Man #1 doesn't know what the hell is going on for a good 20 minutes,or why everything is grey, and looks like that one scene in Halloweentown when the evil man takes everyones color away.

Someone eventually tells him that the girl that dumped him, killed herself a month after his death. Which meannnnssss Man #1 is now on a mission to find her! Whoa!
So, on the way he meets this crazy chick who shouldn't even be IN this super trashy afterlife since she accidentally over dosed.
Crazy chick:

Man #1 still thinks he's in love with skank #1.
He still tries to find her during the whole movie when crazy chick is super great and they have so much fun together.

In the end he realizes that crazy chick is the one for him and he dumps skank #1.

That's not all...

Watch the rest

(I meant for that one section to be super small.)

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