Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've officially lost like 145minutes of my life, in the form of a Pokemon cartridge that was left in my DS which was just misplaced.... Forever it feels like..

I am now on DS #4
Time to order that baby.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nintendo DSi,

I had heard about this from a friend, and though I didn't think they were lying, I didn't think that we could expect Nintendo to release a new version of the DS so soon, I guess... haha, but yeah the Nintendo DSi is the newest model of the DS it will be slightly larger (due to larger screen size) but slightly thinner (meaning they took out the GBA port for GBA games). It will come equipped with a 0.3 megapixel camera, and though that may not be the best resolution wise it's definitely something to look forward to due to the fact that there are many different things you can do to distrort/add to photos.

NDSi will also include an audio playback fucntion that will allow you to listen to music, and in turn record your own voice, with these functions the NDSi will include and SD memory card slot for storing these files (a long with interal memory), on top of all this the NDSi will include a shop that will include downloadable content that is very similar to that of the Wii (the shop will include a free downloadable browser and a free download of Moving Notepad). Moving Notepad is a note pad that allows you to make an animation, and then record vocals onto it with the DSi Sound tool.

The DSi will be released Nov. 1st, 2008 in Japan, and sometime in 09 in Europe and North America, the system will cost somewhere around 18,900 yen (roughly 200.00USD).

I hope to order it online when it's released in japan :)

Oh you can get me this too,

Gold card sweater from Jeremy Scott...

You know, Christmas is in like two months,

Or if you prefer to give gifts for Halloween, get me these.

Monday, October 27, 2008

almost Halloween

ideas for Halloween costumes:

American Apparel Model:
for example, leggings model.
get latex leggings
put on latex leggings
gaffa-tape any possible nipplage
walk out
get accused for being softly pornographic

find all neon in wardrobe
put on all neon in wardrobe
get shutter-sunnies
don bratty attitude and stolen MTV award

Pete Wentz:
tightest jeans possible (abandon testicles if possible)
Sharpie on barely-beard
find the tightiest hoodie
straighten yo yarn till it can't be straightened no mo'
assume ambiguous sexuality

Su Chin from Juno:
construct 'No Babies Like Murdering' sign
put on puffy jacket and red glasses
make Asian face
go out of house
express disbelief when people tell you your costume's 'too obscure' to be recognised. tsk.
awkwardly explain sarcasm and irony when fug republicans commend your stance

Miss Alaska:
get united states of american swimming suit
get textile, cut to make pageant ribbon, write Miss Alaska on
answer with mumbling of job creation, bush doctrines, all the unnamed newspapers you read, and Tina Fey when asked what you are. by that time your inspiration should be clear

Sexy Pizza Box
laugh at armies of sexy kitties/angels/devils/teachers when they freeze they vadge off and you're safe in your pizza box with the playboy logo on (to bring the sexy, you know?)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

I miss my hair,

I think today is the first day, that I fo'realz miss my dreads... I don't know if it's to the point where I'd want to get the again, but I'm def. missin' them right now, I liked the way the looked on my.... And I miss wearing my hair like this,

everyone tells me I should grow my hair back out and redread it, but I really wanna do something different this go round.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I love these shots,

editorial by Camilla Akrans

Allergic to cats,

Today was very boring, also I decided that maybe I have narcolepsy because I end up falling asleep at the most random times every and it's really strange because sometimes I won't even be tired... it'll just happen. Like today I was cleaning my room and I ended up falling asleep while I was cleaning, crazy no?

I decided to post my outfits, from time to time, mainly cause I have nothing better to do, and I enjoy my clothes :D

Lavender V-neck from Uniqlo, Crane Hoodie from Subscript.

I trimmed my hair again last night... actually technically this morning before I left for school cause I thought it looked weird... and it still does but whatever.

Light blue grey pants from H&M

I had on my beat up fish chucks from converse, but I didn't take a good picture of them so I won't post them. Whatever, not important.

Today I went to the bonfire, at the school I used to go to, alright stuff, caught up with a few old friends, then left, and drove around aimlessly for a good 3 hours, also great.

I know I said I post an anime review, but I've been so busy sleeping and with school work and making sure I don't loose any of my friends (haha these are all lies, minus the sleeping, and I know I won't loose my friends I hope ^-^) that I haven't even really watched any particular series yet. I'll do it though, I promise.

I accidentally added a tag to all the current post. Whatever.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aren't you glad she's fixed too,

:D New Womanizer video.
Welcome back Ms. Spears.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


music is life.
can i get an amen?

late night procrastination, best mixed with warm thoughts and the chirps of early birds: Electric Feel (MGMT Cover) by Katy Perry
spontaneous drunken loving late-night stripping: Glory Box by Portishead
i-miss-you-so-much-there's-physical-pain-involved: Here With Me by Dido
nostalgia and sentimentalismsz: Wet Sand by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
i made a mistake but can it be hugs time now please?: Breathe Me by Sia
sunshine rainbow happy happy: One More Time by Daft Punk
rock'n'rollers excluding faith, including humour and wry smiling: Jesus Doesn't Love Me Anymore by Dragonette
staring into the loft wondering if it's really there: What Else Is There (Trentemøller Remix) by Röyksopp
gimme that alcohol.. betch: Discobitch (C'est Beau La Bourgeoisie) by Kylian Mash
jump around in underwear rock out elementary school cool: Deceptacon by Le Tigre
lazy sunday evening dreams of better places: Paris Is Burning by Ladyhawke

happy sunday procrastinations darlings :3

Wow I can't breath,

Worst feeling ever, I can feel myself loosing oxygen to my brain... I need to step outside

Thursday, October 9, 2008

let me introduce yourself

it's about half past one in Chey Chey bay bay and procrastination is the word of the day!
so i shall think it only fitting for me to scour the depths of the internets.
and stone.
the result: if everyone were a personal hygeine product, which one would it be?
allow me to introduce yourself


how petite is our school, you ask? so petite that Mike's mullet is, in fact, the most interesting subject of conversation since Rahel the German surprised everyone and grew boobs, circa 2006. welcome to AiSC, home of the Mike Mulletgan jokes.

this one goes out to that chick with that problem with that alternative sexuality. pair this up with the time-tested pray away the gay method and homeboy will be as good as straight, and as straight as good, in no time (; :D


shola is clean!!!


Mijaah is pretty. and just a little wapanese. and very exotic. and probably cherry-flavoured too, but i'll have to check up with Mike on that. :)

who does not want a whale-tail-scented car air freshener? because every car is a black car.

when i think of Lia i think of a combination of this:

et this:

and then this:

mostly because i can hear her put 'know your flow' as a facebook album title. and then crusade for lunar-cycle awareness (male menstrual cycle containing pms with a fruity touch) because i can see a closeted feminist in her :D

Hair Eat Brandon
brandon ropes them in with his boss lady silky smooth skin.

then, he proceeds to look good for jesus, stay pure, and wait until marriage, channelling a true sparkle cream.

do not pretend i do not know the very essence of your souls because i do. :3
tous les photos sont venues de Blue Q
on that note, i shall end my dissertation of everyone in the world.
have a delicious day in the america. do not become fat and stay ethnically diverse, so i promise i will visit and be offended and delighted. :D


She is now a blogger on this here blog.


... Why can't I be that crafty? I'm just going to stick to building model kits in the basement :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I need a job,

and when I get that job I will blow entire pay checks on things like this

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's time for a fashion post,

Cause there hasn't really seemed to be one yet. First things first, if you haven't been on Marc Jacobs site in awhile.... or at all. Check it out ( He made a video his background... and I would love to know how to do that :)

Anyway his Menswear spring/summer 09 ready-to-wear collection is great. As expected it's very sophisticated, and his this rockabilly meets 1950's swing vibe. I would have posted a picture to show but I couldn't get on off the site, so if you wanted to check it out (which I suggest you do) I would go to his website under menswear :)
The colors are very basic, primaries to black to grey. Just reminds me of how much I need to go shopping :D

On another note I've had this obsession with backpacks lately, I guess seeing as though I like to have things on hand but don't want to carry a purse I find them very convienient. I just recently ordered this smoke and grey vinyl backpack from American Apperal (pictured below). And have been on the look out for nice backpacks lately.

and just today I found this super great Super Lovers faux leather backpack that I'm seriously considering buying

Along with the Schmack faux croc skin backpack that is really nice :D (over 20 compartments for carrying all my precious belongings ;3)

Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't understand,

People who don't like sour cream and onion chips...

Also, I'm really missing Weeds right about now.

Para Para~