Friday, October 17, 2008

Allergic to cats,

Today was very boring, also I decided that maybe I have narcolepsy because I end up falling asleep at the most random times every and it's really strange because sometimes I won't even be tired... it'll just happen. Like today I was cleaning my room and I ended up falling asleep while I was cleaning, crazy no?

I decided to post my outfits, from time to time, mainly cause I have nothing better to do, and I enjoy my clothes :D

Lavender V-neck from Uniqlo, Crane Hoodie from Subscript.

I trimmed my hair again last night... actually technically this morning before I left for school cause I thought it looked weird... and it still does but whatever.

Light blue grey pants from H&M

I had on my beat up fish chucks from converse, but I didn't take a good picture of them so I won't post them. Whatever, not important.

Today I went to the bonfire, at the school I used to go to, alright stuff, caught up with a few old friends, then left, and drove around aimlessly for a good 3 hours, also great.

I know I said I post an anime review, but I've been so busy sleeping and with school work and making sure I don't loose any of my friends (haha these are all lies, minus the sleeping, and I know I won't loose my friends I hope ^-^) that I haven't even really watched any particular series yet. I'll do it though, I promise.

I accidentally added a tag to all the current post. Whatever.

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