Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's time for a fashion post,

Cause there hasn't really seemed to be one yet. First things first, if you haven't been on Marc Jacobs site in awhile.... or at all. Check it out (http://www.marcjacobs.com/) He made a video his background... and I would love to know how to do that :)

Anyway his Menswear spring/summer 09 ready-to-wear collection is great. As expected it's very sophisticated, and his this rockabilly meets 1950's swing vibe. I would have posted a picture to show but I couldn't get on off the site, so if you wanted to check it out (which I suggest you do) I would go to his website under menswear :)
The colors are very basic, primaries to black to grey. Just reminds me of how much I need to go shopping :D

On another note I've had this obsession with backpacks lately, I guess seeing as though I like to have things on hand but don't want to carry a purse I find them very convienient. I just recently ordered this smoke and grey vinyl backpack from American Apperal (pictured below). And have been on the look out for nice backpacks lately.

and just today I found this super great Super Lovers faux leather backpack that I'm seriously considering buying

Along with the Schmack faux croc skin backpack that is really nice :D (over 20 compartments for carrying all my precious belongings ;3)

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