Thursday, October 9, 2008

let me introduce yourself

it's about half past one in Chey Chey bay bay and procrastination is the word of the day!
so i shall think it only fitting for me to scour the depths of the internets.
and stone.
the result: if everyone were a personal hygeine product, which one would it be?
allow me to introduce yourself


how petite is our school, you ask? so petite that Mike's mullet is, in fact, the most interesting subject of conversation since Rahel the German surprised everyone and grew boobs, circa 2006. welcome to AiSC, home of the Mike Mulletgan jokes.

this one goes out to that chick with that problem with that alternative sexuality. pair this up with the time-tested pray away the gay method and homeboy will be as good as straight, and as straight as good, in no time (; :D


shola is clean!!!


Mijaah is pretty. and just a little wapanese. and very exotic. and probably cherry-flavoured too, but i'll have to check up with Mike on that. :)

who does not want a whale-tail-scented car air freshener? because every car is a black car.

when i think of Lia i think of a combination of this:

et this:

and then this:

mostly because i can hear her put 'know your flow' as a facebook album title. and then crusade for lunar-cycle awareness (male menstrual cycle containing pms with a fruity touch) because i can see a closeted feminist in her :D

Hair Eat Brandon
brandon ropes them in with his boss lady silky smooth skin.

then, he proceeds to look good for jesus, stay pure, and wait until marriage, channelling a true sparkle cream.

do not pretend i do not know the very essence of your souls because i do. :3
tous les photos sont venues de Blue Q
on that note, i shall end my dissertation of everyone in the world.
have a delicious day in the america. do not become fat and stay ethnically diverse, so i promise i will visit and be offended and delighted. :D

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Micah said...

Cute, I love you Lyra.