Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well I'm in a better mood now. I stole a book earlier today from the art room, with no idea it would blow my mind. It's called TIME by Andy Goldsworthy, and by god this guy is amazing. Long story short he goes wildman into the forest, jungle, mountains, beach, or fields and makes art with stone, leaves, grass, branches, snow, ice and other natural materials. His work is astonishing as it is but in this specific book, TIME, he makes the pieces and then watches them decay, melt or blow away. I can't get enough of it.

(notice the center is totally black, he acually takes the time to make a deep ass hole in the middle of the ground. lolz.)

I wish I could find some actual TIME pieces but these will do. (what I can never understand about all his works is how he gets these natural materials to look so symmetrical, as if carved with his own hands. He must have to go through al ot of fucking rocks)

(Covered completely in leave he found on site.)(cool reflections in the water.)

Look for the book, its amazing. But for now just be aww'd by his awesomeness:


Micah said...

Oh yeah, I think I've heard of him... or maybe someone similar, I think he did this piece where he physically built a brick wall and then lined it with wool, and the whole story behind it was literally like a symbolism of the sheep itself, because sheep are actually cruel like when the give birth I believe they do it standing and they will like step on their babies and shit, but also in Scotland people were being kicked off their land by the government for sheep to be raised and so that they'd have space to graze so on top of being cruel to their young, they were also responsible for making many loose their homes, and I think that he does actually hand carve a lot of his stuff, because I know he did this one piece for his dead sister and he craved a whole as deep as he could into the tree and it represented the emptiness he felt when she died, so on and so forth... but I'm not sure if that was him haha..

Mike Jones. said...

Lol, sheep.

Nah i dont think thats him, he tries to stay on a more visually intreging than sybolical practice of art. But i think the seacond one might be him.


Micah said...

It might've been... I just know that there was this guy in a documentary that was very similar.