Thursday, November 13, 2008

Complete History Of My Sexual Failures

This film really hit home with me. Hahaha I know that must sound weird but trust me, the title is misguiding.

It's about a man searching for something, your never 100% sure what it is. It could be the answer why every girlfriend he's ever had dumped him. Or it could be about him searching for a relationship he and his partner would be happy for for the rest of their lives. Sometimes you could question if the movie was about why he couldn't get a hard-on. I don't want to go too deep into what it's about, you should just watch it.
It was damn funny too, this movie is just FILLED with memorable characters, and hilarious moments too awesome to be made-up. 'Sexual Failures' is a movie that was so true to me, it was deep in a different kind of way. There were no 5min poetic monologues or intense shots with vibrant colors filled with emotion and hidden messages. It was a literal look into a sad, lonely, confused man. This movie may start a little documentary phase for me, but i doubt i'll find anything quite like this one. Check it out
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