Tuesday, November 11, 2008

consumerism at its finest

consumerism START.

so just in case you need some more places to waste your money and make endless wish-lists (... Micah, cough cough!), i present:

aight you know the deal herr'. it's fabulous. the post-modernity of the 'no logo' concept is a revolootion. really, i could talk about it for hours. (when it comes to me and random tangents / analogies mike's quite good for super radd examples)

less known, completely undeservedly. this shit is eclectic. it's all streetwear-inspired. i'm a little tired of that look, since it's practically uniform in deekay (that's dk), graphic and all. but i do prefer it to loads other girly things. which i loathe. i am not one for girly, that's fo sho. i'm getting an umbrella from there soon :D

okay AWESOME. you want cute? i give you cute. and useless. and AWESOME.

that's it for now lovelies. consumerism END.


i received my new hoodie today. it's fab. here is pictures. you don't care but i don't either, so here my friend. (:



EARS. THE HOOD HAS EARS!!11!!1 also, a hole in each sleeve for thumb on cold days. also, little straps so you can put in chains. and TWO patches you can take off! it is killah. i love it.

do you see? from: parisian chic wannabe (jean paul gaultier! jean paul gaultier!) to: mindless teenage wannabe.

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Sarah Von said...

Ahhhh! Curse you for introducing me to karmaloop! Please excuse me while I go amend my Christmas list ... :)