Sunday, November 30, 2008

Procrastination: A Dialogue by Mike and Lyra

we have fun.

Mike: Procrastination is masturbation; feels good at first, but in the end, you're just fucking yourself.

Lyra: Speaking of which, I've a proposal for you. If you don't jerk off in the entire holiday I won't either.

M: It's probably impossible...

L: Yeah, but you're at someone else's house, so it'll be difficult anyways.

M: But it's Brandon's, so he'll be like, wanna use my computer for a moment?


L: And Rebecca'll help you. Back to procrastination. Why do you procrastinate?

M: *draws shoulders*

L: Is it to avoid the painful reality of your new haircut?

M: ..... Mostly.

shortly after this, Lyra continued to pluck Mike's nipple hair in exchange for crackers and porn.

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