Sunday, November 9, 2008

small rant for you. (:

i am sick and tired of everyone telling me about the 'scandinavian beauty' - ergo, tall long legs, pale skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. i, obviously, don't count, seeing as i've brown eyes and kind of olive skin (thank you french heritage). this stereotypical view excludes the far majority of danes, and hells yeah do i still think we're awesomely pretty. the girls and boys with somali and turkish heritage, for example, i often find far more attractive than the cookie-cutter danes. watevs. rant almost over.
but just to give yall a little look at the most common, mainstream style...... voilĂ  some videos to grant you insight. we call em 'pretty boys' and 'popcans'. and they look ridiculous. we're talking half a tin of wax, bleached-the-shit-out-of, straightened-life-out-of hair, completely uniformly followed fashion tendencies, and self-tanner till you can't self-tan no' mo'. these aren't even the worst cases. seriously, these almost ganguro-like creatures (can i get a wapanese amen? AMEN!) scare the shit out of me. can you say DENNISH SHOLA? DENNIIIIISH SHOOOLAAAAAA!




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Micah said...

Yeah that was pretty bad, GANGURO! (there's your wapanese amen!) :D

Ganguro are kinda scary sometimes... their habits are unhealthy, but then again whose aren't these days, if all those girls don't die of skin cancer it's a miracle.