Monday, January 26, 2009

we have shows in india, too

so basically, if you ever get the chance to see Opeth in concert, DO IT

(here goes a vaarry nice video once i upload it to youtube)

the proud achievements:
-stood in between 3000 sweaty people (and out of all of them, we were two whitie chicks!) and contracted about as many STDs
-fought and clawed, no lie, our way wayyy in front until we were in front of the cameras and for the last five numbers, i was against the fence, getting impregnated by at least five unknown people around me!
-watched my father, also known as 'THE LIGHTNING', jump and mosh the best his 55-year-old body managed to. he's such a cutie.
-managed to find Felix and Mike by me climbing on top of Sam and waving my arms frantically... the camera thought i was waving at it and boom baby, lyra on sam was blasted to the entire audience! ..... WHY didn't i take pictures?! the view was awesome but the guards were being party poopers, flippin their shit.
-pushmoshed to the best of our noobish ability, with only one out of all seven managing to shed blood.. 1 cm broad skin rip on hand awesomeness GO ! (sam managed to rub it on his shirt, however, which he probably will never wash cause now there's mosh blood on it) someone punched me in the nose with their shoulder though. i'm embarrassingly sad it didn't bleed.
-managed to get hand-heart sign on the screen. i was celebrity of the fucking evening.
-mike also actually managed to get so close to this sikh guy, he was actually IN him. there goes virginity.

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