Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yet another five reasons i love weezy baby

(this is what happens when a) as usual my lil wayne obsession gets out of control due to 'Prostitute 2) b) i forget to not be boring and c) mike forgets my phone number whilst in america. you have been warned)

mmmm... weezy baby.

now, for most of yall, it is definitely not a secret fact that i love me some little wayne. now, seeing that most of my other favourite bands lie more in the direction of korn, slipknot, nirvana, the kills, nightwish, opeth, et cetera, this might seem odd... but i assure you, love, when it comes to love for little wayne, is based on pure logic. ergo, it is only natural to love him.
seeing as my fashion hodom is quite big, this post will focus mainly on the crazy creative ways of lil wayne dressing. for of course they are crazy creative.

exhibit one!

please, someone tell me. why is this person so attractive.
un. a lip ring. a lippp rinngggg. originality! so much!!
deux. that hat! so not just for ne-yo anymore! yay!
trois. wayfarers on steroids. anyone not outta an ironic collective in brooklyn would not be wearing these. but weezy does. he just pumps sufficient steroids into them in order for them to be badass enough for him. THEIR FACE!
additionally, we here see the top of a white v neck. weezy baby has been known for rocking these semi-AA creatures time and time again. timeless, classy, brilliant? i think so. on top of everyone else, baby.

exhibit two!

yes, mr carter might be a bamf, but homeboy knows how to dress for nana's tea party. there ain't no party like weezy's nana's tea party. we see some none-hanging around his ankles jeans, nice checkered vans, very lowkey hein?, and then BAM a burberry scarf. now, they might not be that original, but they are warm and comfy and fits quite well into the outfit with his hair tied back. ahhh. such a gentleman. all he needs is a six pence and a banjo and flogging molly can quit their jobs already :) or some jazz shoes! awww, imagine that with some jazz shoes! yes, he is that good. he could totally rock them jazz shoes.

exhibit trois!

even the pose.
here, we see an invisible beard grabber - strategically performed to show weezy baby's aggressively intellectual side. did you know he had straight a's in school? that's right. katie couric told me. no joke, youtube that shit.
so, besides the body language here, two things we shall take note of: one, ze hairs, and two, ze tattoos. the permanent to semi-permanent parts of appearance. that's right, the genius doesn't stop at removable items.
long hair on a rapper is rare enough, but long dread locked hair? mother may i! mr dwayne le third knows the pure utilitarian value of dreadlocked. my father 'The Lightning' himself actually tried smoking one once. i don't know if it worked, but clearly that is an awesome party memory. weezy got a head full of them. that's so many awesome party memories just waiting to happen. that's charity.
and the tattoos. very nice. i'm sure he'll get one with my name once mike and i rape his concert at roskilde :)

exhibit four!

is it a vest? a tee? it's a trompe d'oeil, beetses! the fashion collective Blood Is The New Black brought in lil weezy for designing a lil somefin for them and this is what he came up with. i would wear that. i am very selective (except when it comes to shiny stuff and shooort shoooorttss). ergo, this is good janx. so now. punky. edgy. and he supports the industry too, BITNB are so small! fuck recession. denmark doesn't have a word for recession. that basically means it is not a legitimate concept. please go spend 40 dollars on this instead of crappy eyeliner at hot topic! please!
(karl lagerfeld's wee head is even on the back)
(lil wayne even wears it on the Hot Revolver cover, see?)

exhibit five!

do you see this?! this is an ironic pose!!! 15 cms above a v neck shirt!! that's right mesdames et messieurs, should weezy baby ever wish to retire, that's one more job option for his sexiness: hipster icon. hipsters love black people anyways.

photo credit: google images thank youuu

face it fashionistas, we're living in wayne's world nowwww <3

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Micah said...

I can't say I agree haha. Never really been a fan of weezy.