Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 songs that are on my mind,

Like O, Like H, Tegan and Sara
When I was eight I was sure I was growing nerves, like steel in my palms. (this is the demo y'all)

Snake mistakes, Dan Deacon
My dad is so cool, he is the coolest dad in dad school, he does not break any dad rules, he will pick you up if I ask him to.

Up On Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days, Sunset Rubdown
You're the one who ran into the wild cause you're the one the wild called. (this is just a random video I found on youtube)

Sea Ghost, The Unicorns
I dove into that freezing sea, with a parasite attached to me, I hoped the salt below would give us what was up above.

Prisoners, Regina Spektor
All of the prisoners, serving life sentences, wait for the earth to suddenly shake, for the walls to somehow come crumbling, tumbling, and for the bars to magically break. (live, which I would KILL to see)

Bird Priest, Ratatat

Alice, Pogo
90% of the sounds from this album were sampled from the movie :)

Unforgettable Season, Cut Copy

Color Bars, Eliott Smith
I see color bars when I come
Werewolf, CocoRosie
In a dream I was a werewolf, my soul was filled with crystal light, lavender ribbons of rain sang, ridding my heart of mortal fright, of mortal fright.

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