Monday, April 6, 2009

gaga fails in making me gag-gag

terrible titles aside...

What I do is performance art. It's pop music that's meant for the Louvre. -The Queen herself

all it took was bingedrinking in russia to convince me of both 'just dance' and 'pokerface's infesting genius.. and i am stubborn. when it only takes russian borderline alcoholism to give me a revelation of musical genius, whip me with a hot iron, it's a sign.

gaga... she calls herself a lady and looks mostly like a tranny.
so what does this walking mixture of platinum blond wigs and an aversion to pants mean for pop music?
a whole frikken lot.

pop's been dead since britney hopped on the crazy train a couple of years ago. enter (late) kanye, katy perry, enter lily allen. enter gaga. with her batshitcrazy ear for hooks and unapologetically callow lyrics, the lady, and many of these others, haven't exactly revolutionised the genre, but they've certainly revived it and sure as hell helped broaden its demographic.
hipsters take to perry and gaga, fans of indie although hard pressed to admit it probably do like allen, and those more inclined towards r'n'b (which, by the way, is as shitty as ever since r.kelly decided to be gross and usher decided to be crappy) and hiphop still regard kanye as acceptable. then what elevates gaga, armed perhaps with the seemingly most generic and 'pop' attitude of them all, to a league of her own?

of vivid imageries and aversions to pants

Even if you don’t know her current hits — Just Dance and Poker Face (which are, like, beyond catchy) — you know her look. -Times Online

just like bowie was remembered largely because of the makeup, gaga was noticed because of her insane outfits and out-of-control, bordering on illegal, stage performances. she's released five music videos - 'just dance', 'pokerface', 'beautiful, dirty, rich', 'lovegame', 'eh, eh' - and already, she's being hailed as a fashion icon in her own right. the donatella versace in her shines right through and her style spirit is independent, thinking everyone should DIY as much as possible and subscribing to theories alike those of aikiko whom i've posted about before. even more recognisable than her sound is her look, most recently ripped off by Christina Aguilera, and, much like Edie Sedgwick, whether or not lady gaga will be in the public's eye for less or more than ten years, her style will be remembered for a long, long time. it's too distinctive and copy-inspiring not to be.

what the fuck is recession?

consumerism took over the world anyways... joining the cult is the only chance of ever having a voice.
the message is loud and clear. and genius in secessionist times. who doesn't want to forget about money while feeling like the most expensive of hookers? 'beautiful, dirty, rich', 'vanity', 'paparazzi', 'the fame', 'money honey'.. anyone who wanted 'so rich, so pretty' to be played at their funeral (me! meeee!) will keep living thanks to these.

living out the fame

I wrote all the songs — every song! -Miss GaGa

(i'll be looking at the special edition)

having heard 'just dance' and 'pokerface', you nearly don't need a description of lady gaga's style.. gaga continues her dirty-mouthing sweet-sounding 80's synth-pop trip on nearly all of her fast tracks, donning a more island sound on her slower ones, especially 'eh eh' and 'summerboy'. it's all heavily produced, nearly reaching the saturation point, but gaga proves several times that she actually can hold a note, on for example 'again again', 'shake your kitty', 'brown eyes', and 'vanity', though you're hard pressed to guess how much unnoticeable auto-tune has actually been used.
the lyrics are, admittedly, the weaker points of the album, with embarrassments such as the hook on 'LoveGame': "let's have some fun, this beat is sick / i wanna take a ride on your disco stick". the Kelvin Nicolas Dirrty Edit, however, makes these lines' cringe-worthy effects far less abrasive than the original version. but one really gets the sense that gaga intended the lyrics not to stand out too much; dancefloors become boring if people stop writhing in order to ponder lyrics, her opinion seems to be.
especially 'shake your kitty', 'starstruck', 'paparazzi', and 'again again' stand out among the many destined radio hits on the disc.. the idea is thoroughly tedious, but every one of the disc's tracks could easily be turned into a single.
tedious because however catchy they are, gaga's ultimate strength, hooks, try too much to outshine each other, when her true strength lies, in fact, in the verses. 'starstruck', for example, thoroughly disappoints in the chorus, betraying its genius verses. it's a shame.. if not for the overly repetitive chorus, 'starstruck' would without a doubt be the next 'just dance'. one can suspect the repetitiveness is merely there for the easier memorability, but songs like 'right round' by flo rida and keisha prove that melodically, a hook can be memorable and quite complex at the same time. lady gaga should keep that in mind.

and on a completely unrelated note, king kanye himself sampled gaga's acoustic version of pokerface, retitling it "i poke her face".. shit, i knew there was a reason i loved that man.

When stepping out from behind the effects, Lady GaGa -- who wrote, produced and performed most of the record -- unveils surprisingly powerful pipes. -Rhapsody Online

The Fame, though its faults, is a must-listen for 08/09. if you haven't already done so, buy the special edition right now.. if for no other reason than to learn the lyrics before the rest of the country.
all there's left to say? CHERRY CHERRY BOOM BOOM, bitches.

image credits:, and lady gaga's myspace page

(i'm gonna go goldfarm in darkshore now)

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