Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guys we are discovering things,

So Astronomers have recently discovered a new exoplanet (that's a planet outside of our solar system guys) and it's the smallest one to date. It's only twice the size of earth which is impressive seeing that the last exoplanet to hold the title of "Smallest Exoplanet" was seven times the size of our planet. The planet resides in the Gliese 581 Solar System which orbits Gilese 581 and the planets are named alphabetically in the order they are discovered (first planet always labeled b, I guess cause the star would be labeled a) dunno. Anyway Gliese 581 e may be considered the first in a new type of planets called Ocean Planets.

I also learned this from BBC cause now I'm obsessed with reading it, and it made me think about how endless the possiblities on our planet actually are, honestly. As a general race human beings have discovered so many amazing things, granted it's only a small fraction of what there is to be discovered, but we have done it, and we continue doing it.

It's crazy to think about guys.

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