Thursday, April 30, 2009

metal and skin

(warning: stupidly big pictures coming up. thanks blogspot.)

i became obsessed with piercings when i was 12, i think. i wanted a septum more than anyyyything. a couple of years passed but every solstice and birthday, the right to pierce my nose was always on my wishlist (i was cool). then, the obsession turned to labret. and since i was in india, and nearly every local here have a nose piercing, i thought that automatically gave me the right to get a piercing, too... so the dilemma came to either septum or labret, and at the last minute, i decided to pierce my lip.

after a while, a stud got annoying though... so i put in a ring instead. this was most likely a reaction to the fact that everyone was telling me not to get a septum ring and i just wanted to have a ring somewhere, then.

and then came the fateful day where i decided it would be awesome to get another labret and not clean it at all..

(couldn't find non-douchey photo alors voilà)

... resulting in massive swelling and the whole back-side plate eventually growing into my lip. awesome. and then i lost the ball. awesome. so now, i have an ingrown random ass staff sticking out of my lip. but it really isn't noticeable, especially when i changed my ring to this puppy herr:

so why are a lot of people that i know obsessed with piercings? it's a thing you get together around, i gather. i could spend hours just talking about cleaning, horror stories (like my own little metallic lip tumor, for example), things you'd wanna get, things you really wouldn't wanna get, people who really shouldn't have gotten that, and people who really should get that. considering my best friend (below) has a lottt a lot of piercings (i've given up counting, but there's shiz in her face, a lot in her ears, a lot on her body), it's not really surprising i'm pretty into it..

for people who want facial piercings, really, don't listen to your friends. just talk to the piercer. mine said don't touch it (or actually his exact ├╝bercreepy words were 'don't be naughty with it') so i didn't, and that worked perfectly the first time. kinda not the second time though (ergo my new rapper name Cancerlip). but this whole super cleaning thing is ridiculous though in my opinion.. if it was done properly you just don't touch it and if anything abnormal (ERGO SUPER SWELLING OF LIP RESULTING IN MASSIVE BACK PLATE THING CONSUMPTION) shows up give your piercer a call, but that's just my opinion.. labrets are gonna be a bitch the first weeks if you choose to get a stud, the ball will fall out, get lost, there'll be a little infection, and your teeth will hurt, but it's worth it if you can deal with it, cause after it has healed, infection is very rare. rings are arguably easier because they can't just chill out whenever they want to. nose piercings and ear piercings tend to get infected a lotttt, but in terms of pain, ear lobes are actually the worst, i've found.

would you ever get piercings? which ones?


Micah said...

OH MAN! That happened with my friend. She got her Medusa pierced and the skin grew over the backing, she had to get it surgically removed... her lips swelled up pretty badly after ward Haha.

Little Boots said...

I've been a professional piercer for six years. Everything unpleasant thing written about on this page could have easily been avoided with some basic hygiene and common sense.

Sorry you had to go through that, but infection isn't a normal part of having piercings. Just use the APP's aftercare sheet.