Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i do not like regina spektor

at all.
now this is probably the wrong group of people to say this to...

but oh, how true it is!

i probably have a very mainstream music taste compared to the majority of people who read this or post on here, and i am also very unapologetic about it. i do like alternative stuff, though. i love cocorosie, i love architecture in helsinki, weird japanese techno, friendly fires, los campesinos!, kimya dawson, bright eyes, moldy peaches.. the list goes on, but at the end of the day, it's kanye, my chemical romance, and lady gaga who top my list.

so i like alternative and indie.

but NOT regina spektor.

maybe it's because everyone i know who knows her ADORES every little fricken thing that she does. come on, no artist is all good, all the time... EXCEPT REGINA.
regina spektor fan says: "regina is:
a) ALWAYS ON PERFECT PITCH (even though she barely ever is and that is not a bad thing, Norah Jones does it all the time)
b) always alight with the inner glow of purity
c) a luminous creature of underplayed lyrical genius and light
d) an instrument in her own right, so fuck anything that sounds like it actually was recorded in a proper studio"
now, i suppose that isn't really a fair argument, since it's against her fans, not herself, per se. but it still makes me hate her. cause she inspires this annoyingness in people.

regina spektor, you are not above writing unpretentious lyrics. britney spears feels less fake than you. the pussycat dolls sound more earnest than you, and they don't even write their own fucking songs!

regina spektor, please keep in mind that you are not an 8-year old girl. i know the world is youth-obsessed, but sometimes, it's okay to sound like you're past puberty.

regina spektor, people like dancing (meaning, i like dancing). it is not a crime to include beats and hooks and choruses in a song. no, it will not make you a poseur. it will make me happy is what it will, because for once i can come over to someone's house and not buttrape their dog out of anger once they start playing regina spektor because i cannot outlive my add tendencies by jumping up and down in time with the music, cause your music DOES NOT HAVE TIME! IT IS ABOVE BEING DANCED TO! DIRTY DIRTY DANCING! REGINA SPEKTOR FOR SHARIA LAW '012!

oh hello, i am regina spektor, i steal lyra's hairstyle, have a crack addict face, and am very unlikable in general


Micah said...

This breaks my heart.

EnV'd 1 said...

Stop being such a hater. Lady Gaga? Britney Spears? You put these pitiful excuses for human beings above Regina? No, she is not perfect (No one is), but that is no reason for insulting her talent and her looks. "Crack addict face"? Seriously? Who's being immature? How dare you!! Normally I would ignore stupid posts like this on unimportant blogs like yours but people like you are the reason human intelligence seems to be waning. Have you ever actually listened to her lyrics? Please, don't go out of your way to insult such a great, talented person because of her "annoying fans". You might as well go after EVERY ARTIST WHO EVER LIVED, because there are annoying fans EVERYWHERE.

Neenee said...

Actually, you are right. Basically all of your complaints were towards the fans, not Regina herself. Regina has her own style of music. And seriously, Lady Gaga? Britney Spears? They're a completely different genre. Why compare Regina to someone who isn't even her genre of music? It would be obvious her music would be different from those popstars.