Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama just wants the Middle East to know that we are one Chill ass country,

So in attempt to educate myself about current eventz I took a trip to the BBC, and apparently BARACKSTER has invited Middle Eastern countries: Israel, Egypt, and Palestine to The White Haus for some one-on-one confrontation to show that we mean nothing but "peace in the Middle East". The dates for these iledged visits are yet to be finalized but may, or may not take place sometime in early June.

From the looks of things the Middle East isn't like the idea of Peace over where the live too much. You'd think that once Bush was no longer in office things would change but I guess not, they hate Obama just the same, guess they just have something against Amurrikan government. According to the BBC after Obama's meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan he says he's noticed the cynicism surrounding the concept of peace that the middle-east has. Is it really that bad of a thing to want to work together for the greater gewd? Shouldn't of trewps be coming home? What's going on.

BBC taught me somestuff guys. I want to learn more.

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