Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seriously I refuse to conform,

Everyone seems to be on Asher Roth's nuts, like really not gonna lie I like my share of mainstream music, but it all sounds the same to me. But really I LOVE COLLEGE is an awful song. I really don't enjoy listening to it, his raps are rather flat if you ask me AND THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME! But he did do this A Milli free style that was fucking killer...


Out side of this song though, I have no feelings toward him and I'd prefer not to listen to his music, along with the numerous other "artists" emerging from Myspace. How does Asher Roth make you feel? Does his music fill you with as much anger as it fills me with?

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Lyra said...

okay so first, i gotta admit.. i find asher roth to be very very much a kyooti papa.
but i didn't know him, so is google him just now.. but actually, is read about him in Rolling Stone just a few hours ago, where he was named an Artist To Watch. so now is intrigued!
i looked up I Love College on YouTube, and my feelings are very mixed.. his lyrics are not awful and is digging the chilled out melody. but is not know whether he wrote that, so.. is again, slightly intriguing, especially since is back into rap. is guessing that he needed something catchy and easily accessible for a first number, and i don't find I Love College that horrible. is different.
so, i listened to two other of his tracks: Lark On My Go-Kart and Roth Boys. is not like his whiteboywhitevoice at all.. but his lyrics are okay on the other ones. you gotta take them for what they are (is not my taste), and for that, they're a bit above average.
and ya, i liked that A Milli shiz.
so in conclusion...... if he finds something which will suit his voice better, perchance i shall listen in. lyrics/flow/songwriting shows little potential ya?

actually is semi nice, roth boys, but mostly dumb: