Monday, April 27, 2009

Should we be worried?

I mean it seems like Swine Flu is spreading pretty quickly, WHO (World Health Organization) just recently raised the alert of Piggy Flu from 3 to 4, which apparently means we are closer to an Influenza pandemic. Although we aren't quite there stage 4 tells us that there is apparent human-to-human transfer of the virus and that it's able to effect full communities. Mexico is the one who seems to be effected most by the virus with a supposed 149 deaths because of it, only 26 have been confirmed though. The US has 40 confirmed cases of people contracting the virus but a majority (all but one I think) have made full recoveries.

If this isn't what's got you worried maybe it's the fact that Little Boots is making her way into America. I'm not too sure what to think of her, I mean I have had my share of pop (via Kylie Minogue, Annie, etc.) But what of this Little Boots character. I actually do like her though, I just wish I had found her to have made her a little part of me before the rest of the world did. Her songs are simple enough with catchy pop lyrics sung over electro beats, but really guys... this electro vibe is really waring me down. Everyone is doing it, so it's not as fresh as it used to be... you kind of expect everything to have a little bit of an electro undertone. Dunno, when will people start using other instruments? Didgeridoo anyone? Do you think Little Boots will replace Gaga on the pop scene? Or do you think maybe they will do some crazy pop collab? We will see.


Lyra said...

1: stop eating meat
2: ??????
3: problem soled + profit

Lyra said...

also, in case you're looking for nice Little Boots.... Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) is very nice

Micah said...

yes yes, I know, I've heard it.. I have it :D