Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is the first of probably many Day/Night themed summer playlists I'll do this one is kind of random, maybe I'll do some themed one in the future, anyway... just want to share said playlists with people :D

M79, Vampire Weekend
Be Gentle With Me, The Boy Least Likely To
Don’t call me Whitney Bobby, Islands
Do the Whirlwind, Architecture in Helsinki
Brother Sport, Animal Collective This is live, really pissed I didn't get to see them at 930 when they were here, I'll make up for it eventually. I have no idea why the crowd is so dead in this video...
Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix), Feist/Postal Service
The World Will Deem Us Dangerous, Her Space Holiday
No Sunlight, Death Cab For Cutie
An Eluadrian Instance, Of Montreal
Recovery, New Buffalo

Black Heroes, Ratatat
Half Asleep, School of Seven Bells
Alice, Pogo
Digital Suicide, Hearts Revolution
Surprise Stefani, Dan Deacon
Jungle Fresh, Gorillaz
Head Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ohh La La, Goldfrapp
Vanished, Crystal Castles
Bluish, Animal Collective

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