Saturday, May 2, 2009

grace slick is probably one of my favourite singers of all time.
she was a model, painter, lyricist, poet, composer, and singer.
she was beautiful and one of the first to popularise acid / psychedelic rock.
she was also one of the first female rock and roll superstars.
she was unapologetic and had a short relationship, completely devoid of any romantic emotion, with jim morrison from the doors, during their european tour in 68.
she also sang at woodstock.
she reminds me so much of rayanne from my so-called life!
grace slick says: keith richard says shave and go home.

who is your favourite forgotten star on the night sky? have you ever heard of grace, or her other bands, The Great Society and Jefferson Airplane, or her most famous songs, White Rabbit, and Somebody To Love?

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Amy said...

My friend loves Grace Slick... Consequently, so do I. We made a Shrinky Dink necklace with her on it once!