Sunday, May 10, 2009

health bhi wealth bhi and bagels are your friend.

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this is indian and means if there is health, there is also wealth. metaphorical, you knows?
so i am currently in a state of transition to veganism, is so fun. i ordered a whole bunch of cookbooks and who knows there is so freaking much to eat even though is no animal byproducts? so funnnnnnnn. :D so, in order to uphold this worthy mission, i decided to bake something delicious and vegan, in honour of mama's day (which mike just taught me about). so i decided to try something called bagels, i think they are from america, cause i have never heard of them. they're fantastic and easy to make and you can study for psych while they are chilling to grow which takes up quite a lot of time (2 hours in total), so be prepared for that. but to compensate you probably already have all of the ingredients, and if not, they are very cheap. much cheaper than buying the bagels. here we go :D

lyra's vegan bagles 4 u . com
25 g of yeast
250 g + 250 g of wheat flour. i will explain the whole + thing do not worry friend!
3 decilitres of lukewarm water.
soya milk for brushing on.
one teaspoon of sugar
one eating spoon with oil
one eating spoon with salt.

on ingredients: it is more healthy if you use whole wheat flour. also it is best if you test if the water is really truly madly deeply lukewarm with your little finger, it is a very accurate finger. instead of soya milk you can also use milk or egg but that wouldn't be vegan OR fun. so don't :) it won't make a difference with taste, only with looks. they will be matte. soya milk makes them shiny. also for salt, use hopefully not the very tiny refined salt but the salt where there is different sizes and it's all a little more raw and let's face it, fun.

this is how you will make your bagels, and they will be really good. the recipe is only for 10 but i like to make 30 at once so i have for the rest of the week.

take a big bowl for mixing all the ingredients. the plastic ones are easier to wash. put in the water and crumble the yeast with your fingers. this is my favourite part! you get to crumble it down into the water and it should look like crumbly cheese kind of. put in oil and salt.
put in your first 250 g of wheat flour while stirring the mix. now you should be able to knead it on your table. try to do that while you are adding the second round of wheat flour. is sound weird but it makes such a difference. you can knead your bread for however long you like, but i always do it 300 times to ensure maximum good vibes.
now put your silky smooth dough back into your mixing bowl and put some cloth over it and let it raise itself / chill for 1 hour and 30 minutes. some people go to the gym, some talk on the phone, some blog, some go shopping at american apparel. i did psychology homework (we are reviewing Motivation & Emotion).
now you separate the dough into ten different pieces. don't worry if it deflates, it is not your fault, so don't feel bad. now you can make 10 'sausages' of circa 25 cm each. make them into rings and press the ends together nicely. let them raise for 30 more minutes. now you can do something else exciting for these 30 minutes. i took a shower and chatted briefly with mike.
turn your oven on and put it to 220 degrees celsius.
before putting in your bagelhomies, take a brush and brush them lightly with soya milk. this will make them shiny and happy but if you don't feel like it you don't have to. bake them for around 20 minutes or more, check in on them every 5 minutes after that if you find their consistency unsuitable.

WI FIVE!!!!!!!!

say hi to my bagelhomie, she is a tastyface.

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