Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think it's safe to say,

That Uniqlo is my favorite store, I guess it makes sense, my personal style has always had the mix of eastern and western Uniqlo seems to offer. Their Spring Summer collection of T-shirts is pretty great this go round. (via UT Mega Culture) This year it's Japan Game, a collaboration with Puffy AMIYUMI, a few TATSUNOKO shirts (creator of GATCHAMAN or Battle of the Planets via the US) and much more.

(awesome Tower of Duraga shirt)

The other reason I love Uniqlo is because of the fact that I'm an all around cold person, and Uniqlo has HEATTECH, which is a Japanese thermo technology I guess, that turns body moisture into heat. Good for the winter no? Anyway HEATTECH is pretty sweet, and has special qualities to both the mail and the female versions. For men, HEATTECH absorbs moisture and diffuses it faster (Because they generally sweat more). For Women, HEATTECH fibers are mad up of rayon fused with milk protein (sorry vegans) to give it an ultra soft feel. All of this is explained somewhere in here... accompanied by super cool music of course

Thanks Uniqlo for providing me great clothes for low prices! :D

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